The school is operating solely by donations and contributions from members as well as non-members of the organization, and all donations are provided, uncut, for the school’s development.

As it isn’t possible to conduct teaching outdoors during the rain period, protection against the rain is very important. For this reason, a new school building with bamboo walls and a metal roof was constructed. The local population has also built living quarters for the teachers, and this provides improved safety for children living at the school.

The organization School Project South Sudan Anitha Academy has supported the school by providing pupils and teachers with educational material. Teaching books are bought from a bookseller in Nairobi, and are then transported directly to the school. During a visit in 2009, a large amount of books were delivered, which made it possible to start four new classes. The following year several blackboards were given to the school, possible to use indoors as well as outdoors. In 2012, reading books, writing material and tools were delivered.

2022 Metal roofs for new classrooms.
Blackboards in different sizes.
Education material (excercise books and text books, etc) for level 5, 6, 7 and 8 Primary school.
2020-2021 Education material for Mathematics and English, level 5, 6, 7 and 8 Primary school.
Windows, doors, metal roofs and wall paint for three classrooms.
2018-2019 Education material and metal roofs for the classrooms.
2017 Text books, writing and reading material for years 4-8. Mobile blackboards.
2016 Text books, writing and reading material for years 1-3.
2015 Educational material and resources for teachers.
2014 Text books, writing and reading material, and cloth to be used for school uniforms, for 500 students. Instructional books for teachers have also been sent.
2013 Educational material and means of communication.
2012 Sewing machine, fabric for 150 school uniforms, reading and writing material for 150 students, a computer, a camera, tools, mosquito net, a Swedish flag and a terrestrial globe.
2010 Five blackboards (of which four mobile) and 40 school uniforms for the youngest children.
2009 Text books (e.g. Mathematics), writing and reading material for 100 students, songbooks, arts and crafts books, and guiding material for teachers.
2007 Textbooks (e.g. Mathematics), writing and reading material for 40 students.
Updated: March 31st 2022